You've probably wonndering, "Free iPod?! Is it possible?" If you've been referred by a friend to come here, simply follow the instructions on this page and you'll see just how easy it is to get your own free ipod.


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Things to Know:


Use an email account that can get spammed. (Yahoo!, HotMail, Gmail)


You must sign up 5 friends for this to work


You must have a valid address


 Offer Valid in the United States Only.
Sorry to those who can't participate, I didn't write the rules.


Only one account per household.
Use a unique name & address or else your account will be permanently placed on "Hold" and you will never receive your free iPod!






Use these links

5 referals needed 10 referals needed

Other Free Websites

4 referals needed
8 referals needed3 referals needed4 referals needed 4 referals needed 10 referals needed



 STEP #1

Click Here To Sign Up

Click Here To Sign Up

Sign Up Then Return To This Page



 STEP #2

IMPORTANT: If you are using a Yahoo, MSN or Gmail account your validation email may get caught in the spam filters, and if you don't activate your account, you don't get an ipod.

If using Yahoo Mail check the "BULK" folder
If using MSN/Hotmail check the "Junk Email" folder
If using Gmail check the "Spam" folder



 STEP #3

Enter your address details on the next page. Use real information, but you can change this later after you have completed your offers.



 STEP #4

Next, you'll receive a series of questions for offers. If you wish, you may read them. Otherwise, just click no through all of them.

(There doesn't seem to be a survey for the
freephotoipods.com site.)



 STEP #5

Once you're in, you should be in the "Complete Offer" link. If not, click on it in the links near the top of the site. Now complete one of the offers.



 STEP #6

Now it is time for you to refer 10 people to complete the offer. Find 10 people and send them to this webpage to complete their offers. (5 people for the freeipods.com offer.)
Once they complete their offer, you will receive notification on your "Check Status" page that you have officially referred someone.


 STEP #7

After you have completed that, you will need to confirm your shipping address, select your iPod, and then wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. It can be 1 week or 3 weeks before you receive your iPod after you are credited with your fifth referral. I recieved my 20gig Ipod 3-30-2005



 STEP #8

FreeiPods.com might provide you with a tracking number or they might not. I recieved a tracking # shipped via DHL

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